Kaleiçi is the location that most visitors to Antalya will see. The area can be rather touristy and busy during the peak period. This is the only place in the city where you are likely to have touts outside retsaurants and shops but it is not aggressive.  It is still worth a visit, especially the harbour and the old tramway ride

Nostalgia Tram (T3 Line)

Known as Nostalji tramvay hatti in Turkish, this single track line was established in 1999 using ex-Nuremberg tramcars. The length of the line is 4.7 km and runs from Antalya Museum in the west to the south east of the city. The tram runs on a half-hourly basis. Despite the name it is used by locals for commuting but passes through the centre of the city and the tourist areas.

The line currently is not directly connected to the other tram lines but will be expanded to two tracks and therefore provide a more regular service. Unlike the other other two tram lines you pay using smart card when you enter the tram rather than at the station entrance. Therefore the stations are more like bus stops.

Depot at Zerdalilik terminal
Nostalgia Tram Antalya
Inside tram
Entrance to tram
Leaving Zerdailik stop
Nostalgia Tram Antalya автовокзал Straßenbahn نوع من القطارات Анталия 安塔利亚 أنطاليا
Tram at Muze terminal stop
Beach view from Muze stop

Overall it is worth taking the tram and if embarking from the centre of town it is best to travel westerly towards the final stop Müze where the museum is located as well as having sweeping views of the beach below.  The tram passes Ataturk Park along the seafront which is popular due to having a number of restaurants and cafes. Also there is a small shopping centre called Selekler which partly specializes in musical instruments. The tram stop closest to the centre of town is Kale Kapi. It is a couple of minutes walk to reach İsmetpaşa on the Fatih-Expo (T1) line.

Kale Kapi stop
Selekler Shopping Centre
Selekler Shopping Center Antalya
Inside Selekler Shopping Centre

Main historical area and harbour

The historic city centre of Antalya consists of Kaleiçi and includes many buildings dating back to Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods. It is focused mainly on the local and foreign tourism market with plenty of shops, restaurants and boutique hotels. As a result, it lacks authenticity but is still a nice place to wander and have a meal or drink. A walk down the alleyways takes you to the scenic harbour where you can enjoy mellow sunsets. If the walk back up to the top is too exacting, then a lift is available.

Kaleiçi Antalya Анталия 安塔利亚 أنطاليا
Restaurants in Kaleiçi
Shops in Kaleiçi
Sunset at the harbour
Walking down Kaleiçi to harbour
Backgammon game
Lift from harbour to the top
Harbour Antalya Анталия 安塔利亚 أنطاليا гавань
Harbour with yachts