Turkey Entry Form - HES Code

Turkey Entrance Form

The Turkey Entry Form is required when you wish to enter Turkey and must be completed within 72 hours before arrival. You will receive an HES code as proof. The HES code is a 10 or 12 digit number that is used to prevent and slow the spread of the Covid-19 virus. It is required to enter Turkey and in order to obtain a ticket to travel within Turkey by public transport. The code is also used for indoor settings such as shopping centres, museums and some hotels.

City smart cards are required for travel on public transport in a wide range of towns and cities in Turkey. You need to register your HES code before using each one. This can be easily done on each city’s website which follows the same format. You need your passport number, HES code and ID number on the smart card.

Each HES code is valid only for a certain period or without time limit. The code expiry date must be at least seven days after travel date, otherwise, your reservation will not be confirmed. For some smart cards the validity of the  code should at least 180 days.  Therefore it is advisable to try and have as long a validity as you can. It is also possible to obtain another code if the first is not valid for the time period.

You are not required to obtain a the code for infants who have not yet reached their 2nd birthday.

Three ways to obtain an HSE code

  1. Website: https://register.health.gov.tr/
  2. SMS: Type HES, your nationality, passport serial number, year of birth, and last name. Leave a space between each item. Send an SMS to 2023.

Foreign nationals with no domestic GSM number, HES Code (Turkey Entry Form) can be received with passport information by sending an SMS to +90555 944 3821 including HES, nationality, passport serial number, year of birth and surname, respectively and with interspaces.

  1. Hayat Eve Sığar App (IOS and Android)

It is a good idea to have the code ready to show when out and about. This is especially for busy shopping centres where the bar code is scanned. Many in the queue are not prepared so flash your code at the grateful security guard. You could pass through quicker! One suggestion on iphone is to add to Notes so the code can be easily found.