If you are looking for a change of scenery from the busy Bursa historical centre then Gölyazı may just be the thing. A relaxing and rustic fishing village about 40 kilometres from Bursa is ideal for a half day trip easily accessible by public transport. Enjoy the unhurried pace of life and tranquil scenery and indulge in the great seafood restaurants.

Gölyazı Bursa Village


Gölyazı (Turkish for fisherwoman)  is a village built in a peninsula and dates back to Ancient Greek times, but most ancient structures are from the Roman period. The village had strong Greek roots during the Ottoman period, but these have now diminished although an Orthodox church still remains. The village caters to local tourism although not to the same extent as Cumalıkızık Ottoman village and during weekdays you will be one of the few visitors.

Getting there

You can get to Gölyazı in two stages from the centre of Bursa. First take the Bursaray metro to Üniversitesi, the terminal station. On the opposite side of the University is a small bus station and you can find the yellow modern minibus number 5/G there. You will need to pay using the Bursakart by tapping the machine at the entrance. The ride is fairly quick taking about 35 minutes. It travels along the highway with only one stop before making more stops when approaching the village. See the map on the main Bursa page for details of the journey. The bus terminates just at the beginning of Gölyazı peninsula. Frequency is normally every hour on the hour. Please check the Burulas website for current timetable. Allow about an hour and a quarter traveling time from Bursa.

Üniversitesi metro bus terminal
5/G Bus Golyazi
Inside bus with smart card machine
Bus terminal Gölyazı
Bus terminal Gölyazı

Exploring Gölyazı

Gölyazı village is a peninsula surrounded by the shallow Lake Uluabat. It is very easy to walk around the village and circumnavigate by foot as it is only a few hundred metres end to end. Appreciate the shore with its abundant bird life, including some elegant storks. Watch the fishermen going about their business readying for another trip along the lake.

Fishermen Gölyazı
Fishermen and friends
View of Lake Uluabat
Stork Gölyazı

Beyond the peninsula you can walk across the usual dry causeway connecting to the mainland. There are some good walks up to Zambak Tepe where you can appreciate views of Gölyazı. Fortunately, the climb is not too steep and there are various routes to and from the viewpoint. There are a reasonable range of seafood restaurants mostly just on the mainland after the causeway as well as in the village itself.

Road to Zambak Tepe
Overlooking Zambak Tepe Gölyazı
View from Zambak Tepe
Shops Gölyazı
Shops in Gölyazı
Roman Ruins Gölyazı
Roman Structure
Church of Panteleimon
Ottoman House Gölyazı
Ottoman House
Gölyazı causeway bridge
Bridge over causeway
Overlooking bridge