Gaziantep (Antep for short) is an important industrial city with one eye on its rich history and the other on its growing modernity. A city that offers a colourful experience in its bazaars and winding streets but also check out the modern shopping centres, on a par with those in Istanbul. Rapid population growth can witnessed in the residential construction boom in the burgeoning suburbs. Experience the many facets of this city with the excellent tram system.


Transport Map

Weather in Gaziantep

Gaziantep wetaher monthly temperature
Monthly average temperature and rainfall in Gaziantep
Rainy days and sunny hours in Gaziantep

The weather during summer is very hot and with hardly any rain. Walking around in the midday is not advisable except in small bursts. This is time to take a look at the outskirts of the city by the tram. Like much of Turkey the spring and autumn provide a “Goldilocks” climate. Winters are cold and rainy and are often below zero and on some occasions the thermometer can drop to below 10 degrees or more. It is often snowy in this part of Turkey.

Gaziantep, TR
1:41 pm, June 18, 2022
clear sky
Wind: 2 Km/h
Visibility: 10 km
Sunrise: 05:10
Sunset: 19:52

Getting to Gaziantep

Gaziantep is one of the largest cities in south-east Anatolia and so many buses from all over Turkey stop at the city.

The main bus station (otogar) is located over six kilometres from the city centre. Like most bus stations in Turkey there are a range of facilities in the station including a restaurant, WC and a large number of ticket offices. However there are no hotels nearby the station so anyone staying overnight will need to head into town. Although many buses run from the otogar to the centre there are no facilities for purchasing a smart card required to use public transport. Most foreign visitors will have to use taxi services although metre use seems to be common. It is around 40 lira from the otogar to a hotel in the centre of town.

Getting around Gaziantep by public transport

There is an extensive bus system but most visitors should be able to explore the city either by walking or taking the tram. There is also a suburban rail line which is fairly infrequent and does not connect to anything of particular interest. In order to use public transport system users will need to purchase a Gaziantep Smart Card from a limited number of outlets in the city although there are many top up/charging points at the tram stations. Once a smart card has been purchased the owner will need to go online and connect the card with their HES code and passport details at this website.

Tram stations

Gar tram station

يدرب تركيا Gaziantep Газиантеп غازي عنتاب
Gar tram station

The station is the first and one of the most important. The station connects with the main railway terminal in Gaziantep although currently this is not used for long distance routes.

The tram station is directly opposite one of the two most visited shopping centres in the city, the Forum Gaziantep mall. This large shopping centre offers a wide range of shopping options plus a food court and two coffee shops including Starbucks with both offering easy to read price list by the counter.

Inside Forum Gaziantep

Alongside the mall are two hotels operated by the Accor Group namely ibis Gaziantep and Hotel Novotel Gaziantep. 

15 Temmuz Demokrasi Meydanı tram station

This tram station is best jumping off point for visiting Gaziantep castle and the nearby old town quarter. The stop itself is next to a pleasant park and square where it gets its name.

Tram station
15 Temmuz Demokrasi park

Gazi Muhtar Paşa tram station

The station is situated in an up-and-coming area containing many restaurants and coffee shops especially in Nişantaşı Sokak (street). Also close to the station is the Hampton by Hilton hotel. In the vicinity there can also be found upmarket boutique stores.

25 Aralık Devlet Hastanesi tram station

This is the stop where Sanko Park shopping mall is nearby. This is one of the the two largest malls in Gaziantep and contains a wide range of shops and food and beverage outlets. It makes a nice break from the heat during summer.

Gaziantep Турция Türkei تركيا 购物中心 مركز تسوق
Sanko Park interior
Einkaufszentrum sanko park Gaziantep مركز تسوق
Sanko Park exterior

Masal Parkı tram station

The next station is in a quiet area with a pleasant park to enjoy with restaurants and entertainment options especially for kids.

Harikalar Diyari tram station

A station that serves mostly residential apartments and also is on the edge of . However, check out  the menu of this English style eatery called Juno Restaurant. Worth a stop off for an English Breakfast perhaps?

Kadı Değirmeni tram station

While this stop has no tourist attractions it is an interesting stop to make to understand first the rapid growth of Gaziantep’s middle income population and need to accommodate this plus the attraction of living near a reliable mass transit network. The end result is an area that is seeing a significant construction boom along with supporting retail and food & beverage options.

Rasaf Yolu tram station

A busy location on an intersection.This is a residential area with a number of small supermarkets and local restaurants.

Walking around the old city

Gaziantep castle dominates the skyline in the old quarter. Just outside the entrance there is an interesting remains of a pottery workshop. A tempered glass floor over the area allows for a better perspective. The castle and museum have a small entrance fee of 10 lira however at the time of visiting cash payments were not allowed and only credit cards and the Smart Kart were accepted.

It is nice to wander around the old city area with a colourful array of shops. Many restaurants can be found in the area although most do not seem to have menus or pricing. One well known option is the Metanet Lokantası which is famous for its beyran stew containing lamb. It is open for breakfast and lunch only and a meal costs around 30 lira. Climb up the hill north east of the old city and witness a very different way of life compared to the rest of the city. The area is more earthy but not threatening.

Gaziantep исторический центр المركز التاريخي
Busy shopping area
Central shopping street
Gaziantep خروف مطهو жаркое из баранины
Lamb stew